Romanian Fashion Council

non-governmental organisation


“The communication vector we propose is achieving a memorable presence by Romanian fashion industry players in this realm of excellence, creativity and beauty, where we celebrate top performance: FASHION.”
- phd. Matei MIKO -


Association Romanian Fashion Council  is an active member of  the Association  European Fashion Council (EFC), together with the 10 founders of EFC and the 17 organisations from different countries, members of  EFC.

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The European Fashion Council association was founded on 18 May 2007, with its headquarter in Ancient Plovdiv, Bulgaria/EU by 11 european states, including Romania, under the high patronage of the European Union, represented by His Excellency Michael HUMPHREYS (Ireland) as EU Ambassador and Head of the European Commission in Bulgaria.

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Support for association members who promote fashion design
Trans-national mobility enablement for fashion designers, with the main goals of international collaboration and cross-border career development
Consulting services for the coordination and implementation of development programs with diverse source funding, focused on adding creative and innovative fashion industry value
Technology transfer for the local fashion production industry, including digitization and automation consultancy
Enabling the access of creative teams made up from textile producers – in the areas of clothing, footwear, leather industry – and fashion designers to non-EU markets
Development and extension of national and EU programs for the next generation vocational training

About  Us

We are a part of Europe. Romania hasn’t just become a member at the integration in the European Union, as it is an European state deeply rooted in the history and culture of the old continent.
We aren’t new to today’s cultural reality, we’ve always served as co-authors and contributors up to this current state and lead with the promise to continue do so in the future.